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  Awards & Honors  



2 Awards of Excellence: Best Children/Family Programming + Best Production Design, Accolade Global Film CompetitionRoyal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards, Outstanding Achievement Award: Family/Children FilmNew York Animation Film Awards, Semi-finalist: Best Animation US Short FilmWinner: Best Family/Children Film, World Film Carnival Singapore 2021Winner - Best Family Film, Dreamz Catcher International Film FestivalWinner, Best Edutainment and Best Voice Over, Golden Reel International Film FestivalAirflix Film Festival, Award Winner: Best Animated Short FilmWinner, Best Family/Children Film, Druk International Film Festival
Winner: Critics' Choice Award, Family/Children Films, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2021Winner: Best Animated Short, Top Indie Film Awards, TokyoWinner: Best Animated Film, Black Swan International Film Festival 2022Winner, Best Comedy Short, Rameshwaram International Film Festival, 2022Winner: Best Family/Children Film, Virgin Spring Cinefest 2021Winner: Family/Children Films, Tagore International Film Festival 2022Honorable Mention Award, Best Fantasy Film, Paris Film AwardsNominated Best Animation Short and Best Children Short, Indie Short FestSemi-finalist, Family Friendly Film, Florida ShortsSemi-finalist, Arthouse Festival of Beverly HillsOfficial Selection, Omni Cultural TV Festival, 2022Official Selection, Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival, 2022Official Selection, Kids First! Film Festival, 2021Official Selection, Iconic Images Film Festival, 2022


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  Meet Taffy!  

Once upon a time, there was a pink, passionate, polite hippopotamus...

Taffy lived in an orange lake surrounded by blue and yellow trees, green roses and purple grass. Taffy standing profile One morning, Taffy happened upon two sad flowers, Mr. and Mrs. Emerald Green Rose. Upon learning that some of the trees had said, "Roses should be the color red," Taffy helped the roses understand that the color of their petals does not affect their true inner beauty. She then helped settle a dispute between Miss Dirt and Mr. Grass about his purple color. Finally, in the midst of a thunderstorm, she learned of Mr. Rain's anger caused by discord in the lives of characters around the lake. Taffy helped Mr. Rain calm his storm into gentle sprinkles. With harmony in her heart, Taffy was tickled pink, all the way home.
Creator, writer and executive producer Tara D. Miller created this heartfelt animated story. Over a year in the making, this short film is a first for award-winning director Artie Romero and the ARG! Cartoon Animation studio in that it combines traditional 2D character animation with Blender 3D backgrounds and live action effects. Completed November 11, 2021, "Taffy the Pink Hippotamus" has received more than 16 awards and honors, and is an Official Selection at Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival. The world premiere happened at WonderCon, a Comic-Con International event in Anaheim CA, across the street from Disneyland on April 2, 2022.
Taffy on IMDbTaffy's IMDb information page
"Taffy the Pink Hippopotamus" TM, Copyright © 2021, 2022 Tara Miller, all rights reserved. Running time: 6:07

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  Cast and Crew  

Executive producer, writer
Tara Miller

Producer and director
Artie Romero

Assistant director
Gretchen M. Piper

Laura Fouse

Jenna Caine as Taffy
Lydia Davidson as Mrs. Emerald Green Rose
Cat Protano as Miss Maroon Dirt
Norman Govier as Mr. Ruby Red Rain
Greg Melton, narrator

Laura Fouse
Henry Hamilton
Sara Lyons
Chelsea Norman
Atinuke Kemi Oyebade
Gretchen M. Piper
Matthew A. Rebel

Post production
Artie Romero

Character designs
Laura Fouse
Gretchen M. Piper
Chelsea Norman

Joel Jaim

Kevin MacLeod
Creative Commons 3.0 License

Sound Effects
Joe Deshon
Suso Ramallo
R. Silveira

Aaron Burden
James Cheney
Alexander Lutkov
Felix Mittermeier
Mikhail Nile
Roman Odintsov
Miguel A. Padrinan
Alexandr Podvalny
Cesar A Ramirez V Traphitho
Berkalp Turper
Al D'vilas

Matthew A. Rebel

Laura Scarborough, voice-over
Artie Romero, editor

Blender 3D rendering
Indian Capital Technology Center
Stilwell, Oklahoma

Assistant 3D modeler
Ronald Comilang

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